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Carter Alexander vs Kirk Donahue, Backyard Brawls 9 (BG East)

Now available to own on BG East's The Arena and coming soon to DVD, Alexander vs Donahue hits my buttons: two hot wrestlers who know wrestling inside and out, one a legitimate submission wrestler who has now turned heel, the other an Irish hothead with a growing fan base, the two pitted against each other in the bright outdoors.

Carter, the bigger and stronger of the two, has apparently concluded he's too good for meat-and-potatoes wrestling, at which he's been tested against two of BGE's best (Jake Jenkins and Kid Karisma, who also appears in BB9). Carter arrives with dark shades and a ton of attitude, ready to play the bad guy. The gimmick works for the 6'1" stud, bringing instant drama to the contest.

Kirk, one of the hottest wrestlers to join the roster in the last three years, has up and doubled his usual spunk for this contest. Something about Carter's arrogance has an aggrodesiac effect on the guy. Previously, Kirk has pitched himself against some big competition, men like Austin Cooper, Chace LaChance (also in BB9), and Guido Genatto. But Kirk makes his biggest dent yet in this contest as an underdog I can root for (when I am not, conversely, enjoying the hell out of the heel).

As I see it, Carter deliberately provokes Kirk, probably hoping to catapult the fury of this match to as high a pitch as it can reach. Carter heightens the theatricality and brutality in his new incarnation, again and again lighting a match under Kirk just to get a rise out of him. Then he wields his size and muscle over the guy with casual contempt.

With a running time of 27 minutes, Alexander vs Donahue is strong, mean, hot, and fun. The crystallization of these wrestlers' personalities in the brief prologue gives them character that fans can relate to beyond the guys' obvious attractiveness and wrestling skills. We have someone to invest in, whether it be the sexy bad-ass bully or the plucky kid with the hot temper. For me, it is sexier when both sides appeal to me on more than one level and draw me alternately to one side, then the other. One sexy guy who can wrestle makes a match interesting, but two sexy guys who wrestle each other make it unforgettable.


  1. Excellent match. I'd wrestle either one of these studs. Nothing like an outdoor muscle match - total domination and supremacy of one alpha stud over the other. These guys have great chemistry together.


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