John Silver vs Tracy Williams, Insatiable, 20 November 2016, Worcester (Beyond Wrestling)

I couldn't stop making GIFs of this match. Silver and Williams deliver so many detailed, finely pitched moments, diamond-sharp flashes of rage and pain, that I slipped into some sort of compulsive trance. Beyond the fact that individually they are wrestlers I already admire, together they are almost too perfect at delivering the atomic snap of energy, psychology, volatility, and balletic grace, intercut periodically with fatigue and collapse, that I crave in pro wrestling. As for drama, the battle builds over eighteen minutes to a climax that is logical, credible, and thrilling. This rematch is in serious contention for hottest wrestling match I have ever seen.


  1. Wow Joe! ... If this is one of the best matches you have ever seen, I am heading over to watch it right now. Thats an incredible recommendation coming from you ... thanks for posting, RayAtL

    1. I hope you enjoy it too, Ray. I think it's fantastic, as close to my ideal as I've seen! Parts of it replay in my head even now.

  2. Joe, This was just as amazing as you wrote …

    I’ve seen (and appreciated) Jon Silver several times over the years and have only recently been aware of Williams. I love the similarities and the differences in their physiques and “styles” … the holds came fast and furious, and to see Williams use a (brief0 figure-four head scissors was icing on the cake…

    It took me two viewings to get through the entire match and will revisit it again soon.
    Thanks for posting this and all of your writings on the blog! RayAtL


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