Jax Brewer vs Cal Bennett (Wrestler4Hire)

My pal Eli tells me it's been too long since I visited Wrestler4Hire, and he's right as usual. I picked out this video for download because of Cal Bennett, still the most beautiful man in underground wrestling and still a good excuse for spending my money, but Jax Brewer steals the show right out from under him. Jax's advantage is more than his hairy chest, which is fuckin' awesome by the way. It's the energy he brings to the mat, almost enough to compensate for his fetching opponent's torpidity. It's all Jax's energy ... plus a pair of shoulders you could crack coconuts on.

The dynamo-vs-deadbeat angle never works for me. It's just not wrestling when only one man does all the lifting. Fortunately, Jax, who iterates Cal's weaknesses as a wrestler throughout the video, knows what Cal's fans are paying for, so he stretches Cal's lax body out taut so the camera can soak up every inch of the severely manscaped and inked-up torso. For a second or two, Cal registers some emotion over his predicament, but regrettably he does not sustain a sell for long.

Another issue too common in the underground wrestling scene is the and-here's-another-hold approach to wrestling. I love holds. Some of my favorites, like the arm bar, are on tap here in Bennett vs Brewer. However, holds in random sequence don't make drama; they don't even make for realistic competition. The ahah approach is fine for fetishists of certain holds and moves performed out of context or for fans who simply want hard bodies in wrestlingesque positions. But for someone who's drawn to the drama of competition and the ritualized performance of violation and payback, ahah does not cut the mustard.

I'm disappointed in its direction, sure, but do I regret downloading this match? Hell no. PWP and the Athletic Model Guild have made good money off me by simply underdressing fit, good-looking men and lightly tossing them in baby oil. I'm of a generation used to making fantasy out of a few scraps of stimulation. As a kid, I had to make do with the underwear section of the Sears and Roebuck catalog as jerkoff material. I fantasized about wrestling male models even though they had been hired because they supposedly would not draw eyes away from the cotton briefs. Cal and Jax are Tarzan by comparison, and it's no problem visualizing them in heated competition. Or put another way: they're so hot in their colorful trunks I would spend another $21.95 for a rematch. Does that make me a sucker? You bet your sweet ass it does.

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  1. Joe, you are pretty accurate with your points about W4H, even if I have not seen this match. I, too, don't regret my purchases, based on the appeal of the talent. But the wrestling is less than stellar, generally. And that never ceases to surprise me, as the company is run by Cameron Matthews, who has been a stellar performer (and smoking hot eye candy, too) at numerous companies for over a decade. But if the action isn't compelling, at least the guys are.


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