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Justin Powers vs Luke Maxwell, Catalog 3 - Muscle Boys Dominate (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

I don't think I can get enough Justin Powers. Powers is under exclusive contract to MuscleBoy, so that's something the company can hold over my head for years to come, forcing me to buy, buy, buy, and buy. I'd have it a lot easier if I knew what draws me to the guy. He doesn't remind me of anybody out of my past (I only wish). All I know of his personality is his performances in the four matches I've so far seen him in. That leaves me with only
  • He is one of the best kissers I have seen, and
  • He is one of the best dry humpers I have seen.
Good enough. Some mysteries in life should remain unsolved. But the attraction can leave me breathless at times.

In his latest match, Justin Powers (5'10", 175#) takes on Luke Maxwell (5'9", 175#), whom we see stroking himself before the fight in anticipation ... and after, in reminiscence. Luke is, in effect, a stand-in for all us Justin fans. The fight ostensibly concerns wrestling gear. Both wrestlers wear similar red and white trunks, patterned after the American flag. (Justin wears the same starry trunks he took Ethan Slade on in.) They're awesome trunks; the goal is to snatch off the other guy's trunks, and the winner gets to keep both sets.

The screen shots above tell the rest of the story, less the finisher. Both wrestlers have a flair for playing the jobber/bottom role with lively enthusiasm. (I particularly like the sixth screenshot. Something about  it ... I don't know what.) Powers is a skilled and resourceful dominator, genuinely amused by his ability to tease and torment in equal measure. Maxwell is feisty enough to stand up to Powers and give as good as he takes. By the end of the match, Maxwell is down to a black mesh jockstrap and Powers, to a classic white fundoshi (褌).

I'll take the fundoshi, thank you, with yum yum sauce. If I could buy this match a second or third time, I probably would.

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  1. Justin is a real talent and honestly the sweetest and greatest guy in real life too! (but damn he turns into a BAD ass when he wrestles). ;)


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