The Unknown

Pete Bouncer vs Da Mack, We Love Wrestling Tour 2017, 16 June, Münster (wXw)

First, the combination of crazy eyes and the bedroom voice grabs my nuts ... a lot! Then there's the matter of Pete Bouncer's powerful body (6'3", 209#) tucked snugly into gray-blue square-cut trunks, very militärische. Pete may be confident of his advantage as an unknown, but is he expecting the fireball of aggressive energy that is Da Mack (6', 165#)?

This is a short but jam-packed match, brimming with corner pummeling and piledrivers. The crowd is appreciative and admiring of Bouncer, on loan from the German Wrestling Federation and eager to test his heel chops on high-flyer Mack, who is flinty yet thoroughly aboveboard. Pete's accompanied to the ring by a posse of synchronized RISE cohorts who look ready to interfere if Bouncer needs their help. SPOILER ALERT: the eighth and last GIF reveals the victor.


  1. I'm impressed by their ripped bodies and athleticism. The DDT plus smooth pinning is so sexy.

    1. I totally agree on both points, luvfightporn!

  2. Pete Bouncer is marvelous. I wish that he had more vids. I'm pleased that he got the pin.


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