Hairy Chested Men

Ben Monaco vs Morgan Cruise, Demolition 22 (BG East)

In underground wrestling, a world of boys and competition bodybuilders, hairy chests are relatively rare. Two of them together in a ring are luxury items, so the opening match of Demolition 22, though not one of a kind, is still a treat. One of them, Ben Monaco, is a hairy chested babyface, rarer still. Ben is a fan favorite at BG East. His common sense and readiness to play rough make him a proxy for every BGE customer whose daydreams include forays into the company's testosterone-charged fantasies. This is his tenth appearance for the company.

His present opponent, Morgan Cruise, makes his eighteenth appearance here. Cruise is a heel, never anything else but a heel, but he delivers his villainy through a number of guises, ranging from brute beast to privileged one-percenter--sometimes all making brief appearances in the same match. Here he is a psycho. Triggered by a fairly mundane slight (Monaco has mocked him for a previous defeat), Morgan explains, in the affectedly calm voice associated with the insane, that he intends to win everyone's respect through a rigid program of punishments waged against those who openly oppose him. (Troublingly, the man sounds almost presidential.)

The hairy heel follows through on his threat, Rather than locking up collar and elbow, in a sportsmanlike manner, Morgan boots Ben in the abs. He then proceeds to pound Monaco to his hands and knees, relentlessly clubbing him back down as soon as Ben dares attempt to stand up. Morgan prefers wallops to traditional grappling holds; he slugs, stomps, kicks, and sometimes chokes his opponents in his quest for victory or, in this case, "respect." His lack of knowledge  (or at any rate practice ) of traditional wrestling holds would, for a sane mind, obviously contradict his desire for respect as a wrestler.

What happens near the midpoint of this contest is what interests me most. By this point, Monaco is already thoroughly trounced and barely mobile at all. Then, all of a sudden Ben leaps on Morgan, and before anyone has time to figure out what has just happened, he has the heel's butt up in the air, thighs stretched painfully apart, one arm looped around the left leg, his own legs scissoring the right leg. Ben has his shoulder firmly pressed to Morgan's chest, securing the pin fall (see the second photo above). The suddenness and unexpectedness are what excite me, as well as Monaco's joy in delivering a particularly painful and embarrassing comeuppance. Ben works the legs, maximizing the heel's agony and drags out the three-count, and even after the count is over, Monaco won't release until Cruise says the word submit. Even then, Ben is reluctant to set the villain free, but his better nature wins out.

It's almost unheard of, in a Demolition match, for a babyface to gain such a strong advantage over a heel, after suffering such an extreme beating. BG East being BG East, it's doubtful (no, impossible) that we've seen (and heard) the last of Morgan Cruise in this match. Once feeling returns to his crotch, Morgan doubles down on his aggressive assaults. The only question is whether, having done it once, Ben can rise up and defeat his oppressor again in the end.

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  1. Glad to see Monaco back in the ring. Sometimes he almost looks like he is enjoying the pain inflicted on his beautiful body.


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