Meet Alex Costa

Alex Costa vs Jesse Zane, Catalog 4 - Muscle Boys Bring the Heat (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

MuscleBoy's fourth catalog dropped on Monday, and the first thing I did was check out the new meat, hairy-chested Alex Costa (5'10", 190#). At times the man has a mad-dog fire in his eyes that's certain to give many a competitor pause. He also breaks into a full sweat in less than five minutes and that counts for a lot with me. Jesse Zane's on board to break in the newby, a fresh import from across the Atlantic, and Jesse's presence would suggest that this is an erotic match, and it is. Yet the lip-locks and gropes take nothing away from the 34-minute match's intensity. Instead, they heat things up to a rolling boil.

Alex doesn't act like somebody who needs to be shown the ropes. He comes on strong from the beginning with a savagery that appears, at first, impossible for Zane to withstand. But Zane, as he's shown before, is tougher than his slim physique and Bambi eyes would suggest. It takes him 14 minutes, well into Costa's third coat of sweat, to gather his wits and reverse. He reverses with a mean low blow, no less, evening the playing field. Neither man hesitates to claim the prize for dominance, copping more feels than Donald Trump at a pajama party - but neither gets so lost in lust as to forget to put some hurt on his opponent and does so with relish, slapping, punching, twisting, the works.

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  1. Alex is a stud and an amazing talent. We have LOTS more coming from Alex!

    1. Please pair him with other handsome buff dudes. I am dying to see Alex wrestling with Steve Tanner, Sean Duran or Nick Flex. If there are some muscle worship, force to flex and arm wrestling, I think I would like to hand out my whole bank account

    2. Yes, Agreed with @MossBallMan. Please pair him with buff dudes, Bruno The Beast as well. Since I saw he also easy to break into a full sweat. And please include sex / jerk off scene. So, I can start an MBW piggy bank.

  2. Impressive body on Alex. Real muscle stud.


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