Leg Man

Jax Brewer vs Brad Barnes, Jock Wars (Wrestler4Hire)

It's great to see handsome Brad having a fighting chance. He makes a good heel here, even if the riding high he enjoys in the first third of this 29-minute match merely sets him up for a hard fall in the last two-thirds. Brad appears in about a dozen Wrestler4Hire videos, but this is the first one I've downloaded and watched. He's usually pigeonholed as the hapless muscle-jobber. It's nice to see him take charge for a change, and viciously, even if only for a while.

Like Brad, Jax seems to have blossomed at W4H. He's a revelation. The ecstatic product description mentions his "indescribable hotness that comes from simple confidence." He does exude confidence - a natural unforced smile when he's winning and a way with a victory muscle-pose that seems genuine and spontaneous, even though everybody in underground wrestling does pretty much the same pose. What knocks me out are his hairy chest and, especially, those dangerous-looking legs. His thighs and calves are substantial - a banquet for the eyes and objects worthy of worship. More than any of his other lust-worthy features, the virility of Jax's legs reels me in. I mean, seriously, I want those legs.

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