Finishing Touches

Damian Dunne vs Flash Morgan Webster, Pro Wrestling Chaos 5 - 12 April 2015, Filton, Bristol (Pro Wrestling Chaos)

They don't have eight-pack abs or thighs of steel, they telegraph their moves from time to time, but Damian Dunne and Morgan Webster have snap in their takedowns, an instinct for how long to maintain a shoulder thrust to the ribs, and an eye for the small details that put magic in a pro wrestling event. I suspect Freud might have something to say about the thrill I get watching heel-boy Damian pressing Morgan's elbow and palm to the mat (top GIF) or Morgan's rough assertiveness in holding Damian down with one knee (5th GIF). They are xactly the same height, with seven pounds' difference in weight. The sublimely matched freelancers' au courant haircuts are icing on the cake. 

In January of 2016, this blog admired the subtlety of a cold-blooded shift in Dunne's posture when punishing an opponent. Chinese torturers couldn't manufacture pain this delicately yet so devastatingly. Dunne first caught my attention in 2010, in some action stills of him and his brother, teenagers then, fighting Chris Stone and Helix. As for Webster, last year found him in a Cruiserweight Classic qualifying match, fighting the redoubtable Zack Sabre Jr. For me personally, watching Dunne and Webster take the starch out of each other by turns was like setting my balls on a Maytag during spin cycle. Quite a thrill.

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