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Ethan Slade vs Armond Rizzo, Catalog 4 - Muscle Boys Bring the Heat (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

In 2017 the best sex wrestling you can find anywhere is at newcomer MuscleBoy Wrestling. It's not just hot contenders with gogo-boy good looks. It's the perfect mix of seduction, combat, and payoff. 

In September, Catalog 4 convinced me. Ethan Slade (in green trunks) stalks juicy Armond Rizzo (in white) all over the ring, punching, prodding, and slobber-kissing him by turns, and finally nails the stud against the ring ropes. 

Make no mistake, the blend of elements is not easy to achieve - elsewhere the attempts fail because the producers shortchange the wrestling, making it a short prelude to the sex (like the pizza boy ringing the doorbell) - or they water it down so it's hardly recognizable as combat or sport - or they throw seduction out the window and aim for rape fantasy - or they tease the end of a legit contest with a wink as the camera fades to black.

In previous matches, Ethan jobbed and bottomed for Jesse Zane, Taylor Reign, and Justin Powers. Here he shows his ability to dominate and possess, which he does with a suavity seldom seen in underground wrestling, which, with significant exceptions*, specializes in jokey put-downs and other forms of making wrestlers' sexuality ambiguous**. 

As for Armond Rizzo, even his name excites me. The compact new hire has a gift for expressing desire or pain as the situation requires, and his present situation with Ethan requires a lot of both. His and Ethan's backgrounds as adult entertainers serve them well in this match, giving them a comfort level in front of the camera most rookie wrestlers lack.

I would love to see Maxim Apollo take hold of Armond in upcoming MBW catalogs. Ethan needs to target Logan Cross's ass next. The following screen shots are probably more than you can handle. I'm just saying.

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* For instance, I count Mike Martin as a notable exception. 
** In mainstream wrestling, the gay gimmick is usually overplayed so clownishly that the performer can plausibly claim to be straight in reality. Homosexuality is presented as nothing more than a flamboyant style - less sexually desirable than the ostensibly hetero wrestlers, male or female.


  1. Thanks for this! Was really worried about wrestling to sex ratio before purchasing this!


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