Nick Flex vs Alex Costa, Catalog 5 - Muscle Boys Are Ferocious (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

I don't want to say Alex Costa doesn't fight back, but I do say he might have saved himself the trouble. Nick Flex plays him like an accordion. Look into Flex's eyes, and you see not one iota of hesitation or mercy. Costa might as well have just rolled over and played dead. Nick Flex tears the hot muscle daddy to pieces.

One way I have enjoyed this match (so far) is imagining it as a daddy vs daddy confrontation, Nick resenting the fact that the hairy-chested foreigner dared take on daddy's boy Jesse Zane (in Costa's Catalog 4 debut), in other words, a territorial dispute. It's a satisfying fantasy that spices up an already tangy fight. Or I can just as well imagine it as direct sexual conquest - as a short promotional video I saw had teased - the two hot studs fighting for top, with Flex laying claim to Costa's tempting ass. To date, this is the most overtly sexual match Flex has appeared in, and that in itself is big news, though it's still miles away from X-rated.

There's no harm in enjoying it purely for its ferocity either. The catalog title "Muscle Boys Are Ferocious" directly relates to Nick - and he's always hot and maybe hotter here than I've seen him before. He's built bigger and stronger than Alex, but Alex is closer to him in height and weight than most previous opponents have been. "They gave me a big one," Nick states on first meeting Alex, his eyes lighting right up. That well-matched-ness is a strong point for me, even when, as here, one opponent clearly packs more heat - mat savvy and pure orneriness - than the other.

Alex's hairy manliness is a draw for me, too. If I had to imagine a perfect opponent for Flex, physique-wise, I would have imagined someone similar to Costa. There's something rugged and raw about Costa that's practically a declaration: "Good for a Fight." For me, this pairing with Flex may be the best match-up I've seen at MBW. I wish Alex pushed back more, even if, with Flex in the equation, resistance is futile. A more dynamic, less stilted showing from Costa would have raised this match to perfection. It's damn near perfect, as is. I hope that once Alex gets his sea legs at MuscleBoy, Rocco books him and Nick for a rematch.

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  1. Alex Costa has a perfect body, I bought the fight a few days ago, but the quality of the video is dissapointing, something out of focus and grainy. Otherwise an excellent video. I hope to see more of Alex Costa.


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