Whoa, Tiger

What would constitute wrestling fantasy elsewhere plays out as real in this match. Supposedly Movimus set it up as a private tutorial for Loftus, whose background in high-school wrestling evidently has not prepared him for the rigors of submission wrestling. Newcomer Basset has the know-how and experience to drill the blond diamond-in-the-rough on the ins and outs of making an opponent tap out. Loftus has the muscle and heft to make the match at least interesting for Basset. It starts out harmless enough. Basset goes easy on his opponent, but easy doesn't do it for Loftus. The give and take gets heavier and more intense as the two grapple through four falls in fourteen minutes, forcing Basset to pull the proverbial gloves off and give Loftus the full-on sub fight he craves. These wrestlers cram a lot into these fourteen minutes. It might be wrong to say that tempers flare here - but it is not altogether untrue either. Something  escalates the action - and the fire in both men's eyes must mean something, too - and the how-to session quickly shifts into a head-on ram-to-ram battle for supremacy. 

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