Ethan Gives Chad Something to Cry About

Ethan Andrews vs Chad Daniels, Kiss of Death (88Wrestling) 

Ethan makes a strong debut at 88Wrestling against blond-boy Chad. He arrives wearing a black hoodie and a silver mask, which he removes upon entering the ring. The match is not as one-sided as the screen shots would suggest, but I have to say that 88's title for this event, Mask of Death, does not veer far from the truth. Chad is doomed, and it's obvious that Ethan sees the man as just a steppingstone to the company's new champion, Tito Santos. Ethan wants to rule 88, and he's bent on destroying every three-legged obstacle in his way.

This is 88's sweatiest match so far, and it confirms the high hopes raised by the previous match. Both matches suggest that 88 is upping the grittiness of its fights - and I do like some grit. Here I'm most blown away by Andrews' unflinching meanness, which serves as a vehicle for showing off how sharply honed the wrestler's skill has become over the last year or so. He must know a good many more than 88 ways of inflicting gratuitous bodily harm. The expressive camerawork here is easily a new high point - closeups of Ethan's detail workmanship and Chad's misery drive the message home - This isn't the cutesy wrestling you find on other sites. There is passion here that distinguishes the great wrestling sites from the good-enough.

And, by the way, happy birthday, Ethan!

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  1. I'm probably in the minority, but I don't think Ethan Andrews fits in with 88Wrestling. Rock Hard Wrestling began to lose its appeal to me when it started becoming about Ethan beating up on the fratboy muscle jocks. Don't get me wrong, I think Ethan works real well at other wrestling sites, especially UCW. I just want to see 88Wrestling remain the world of the fratboy muscle jocks.


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