Fighter by Nature

The buzz is that Kurtis Rivers (in white, above) is the next big thing at Movimus - probably, I'm told, one of the best wrestlers ever to step foot on the Movimus mats. I confess I don't know a lot about the sport, but this guy's sidewinder moves on the mat have me hypnotized. He has the kind of body strength that's all but undetectable by tape measure, but take one look at how it springs into action, paralyzing an opponent, controlling that opponent - then glance up at his face and see the concentration of a chess master - and tell me that that isn't a show of power - like a bolt of lightning, this guy. 

This is the second of his matches to be released. I called the first, released early last month, a "textbook in motion."  In it, he took on a heavier opponent, and though it ended in a 2-2 tie, it was Kurtis who stood out for me. In this match, his opponent is Evan Turner (in blue), another dynamite wrestler. Both are 5'7", bantamweights, and it's a good tight fight. Kurtis barely lets Evan up for air through the first half. According to the Movimus catalog, Kurtis and Evan both can "literally wrestle for hours." This 30-minute video offers proof enough that both men are most alive when they're kicking somebody's ass - and this contest doesn't end in a tie.

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