Holy Sudden Incapacitation, Batman!

How many times am I allowed to say "This is UCW's best match ever"? This is the little company that not only thinks and knows it can, but also time after time after time, tops its personal best, especially in the last couple of years. And, oops, they done gone did it again! Derrick and Austin are its two hottest attractions, and here they are in top form, barefoot in the squared circle, a venue they know like the backs of their hands. These guys cut loose and give the ring the baptism of fire it's been needing for three months. They use the mat, they use the ropes, they use the turnbuckles - as the saying goes, they use every part of the pig but the squeal. And everybody else in the underground wrestling world with a jones for ring wrestling, whether for kicks or for bucks, cannot afford to miss this fight. See it, learn from it, be it!

Honestly, sometimes I think UCW is more about the kicks than the bucks. Sure, it's money in the bank for all involved, but at no other promotion do I see the exuberance for stiff, mean competition that I routinely see at UCW. And I'm not talking about the haughty, glib attitudinizing other promotions are known for. Cole and Tyler take each other on with all the macho gravity of eighteenth-century duelists, and, my, how they make the ring creak and groan under the burden of their vented aggression. Here's one of those matches that get me by the short hairs. I don't know who to root for. Both guys are aces. So is the cameraman. Dude, you don't miss anything! You make me feel every pinch, every surge in body heat - you make me feel like champ and loser all rolled into one! Match 578 is one more indication that we live in the golden age of underground wrestling!

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