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Tito Santos vs Dash Decker, King of the Ring Finals - Final Showdown (88Wrestling)

Here's the climax to the event 88 has been promoting since its first day on the internet, roughly four months ago. It's the fight to decide who takes the belt, and the antagonists represent opposite camps:  Rock Hard retreads (boy-faced muscle boy Dash Decker) and new meat (teen physical culturist Tito Santos). Hard to choose a favorite on this one. Both come packed with muscle. Decker packs more of it and packs it higher. He also brings more experience to the squared circle. Decker's my favorite going in, but the more I see of Santos, the more I'm impressed with the kid's pluck and taciturn bent for hurting people.

The match runs for three falls over 23 minutes, with a decisive win - a strong (some might say wicked) back-breaker against the ropes that requires no ref or instant replay to know what's what. One guy walks away with the belt around his waist, and the other guy writhes on the mat. My continuing complaint is the camerawork - it's clear and vivid, but either it's in the wrong place at the wrong time or the wrestlers play too many of their moves to the blank wall behind them. At its worst, we have a finisher in which only one of the men is visible in the shot (might someone at least have moved the camera?). At its best, though, we get sweet tight shots of Dash's face - exultantly beaming or painfully contorted, selling the hell out of everything and sweating like the stallion he is. In its first release of 2018, 88 starts a saga with its first champion, and no doubt guys will be lining up for a crack at him over the coming year. 

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  1. Great review (as always) ...
    May I ask if this is a bit more "back and forth competitive 'pro'" or just another squash that the a lot of the online companies keep trotting out (... except for UCW, their stuff is off the wall at times)

    1. Ray, each man wins a fall, so it's fairly even up to the third round.


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