Alex Costa vs Leo Luckett, Catalog 6 - Muscle Boys Get Fired Up! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Easily, without even trying, I could become a die-hard fan of "blond spark plug" Leo Luckett. The guy has it, from agonized O-faces to the perfection of his rainbow candy gogo-boy styling - one part Randy on Pee-wee's Playhouse, one part Bomba the Jungle Boy. His opponent here, hairy-chested Alex Costa, caught my eye from his first match, but my attraction to Leo has taken time to gestate. Costa vs Luckett brings both men into sharp focus - foils to each other, accenting each other's contrasting beauties. Only the second of the matches in MBW's Catalog 6 I've seen - too few, I know, to warrant any kind of generalization, but here goes - I spy a motif, which is daddies whipping truant sons into shape. The idea works for me, anyway.

As the catalog description clearly states, the outcome of this fight is no surprise - its inevitability is constantly pointed to through the match - the suspense is how long these two can keep the cat-and-mouse game going without splooging all over each other. Like a lot of MuscleBoy's videos - and a definite company style has been emerging for a while now - the action switches from posing to making out to tromping each other - interspersing fluidly, if often unexpectedly. The matches are less wrestling storytelling than non-musical fugues - contrapuntal patterns of action - attraction and aggression, pain and lust. Before watching it, I wondered why MBW bossman Rocco had recommended it to me. But I see now that the match is a starmaker, especially for Leo, somewhat overshadowed by his costars previously, but also for Alex, whose command of the situation here is much more assured and magnetic than in earlier matches.

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  1. Looks like a great match, thanks for excellent review!


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