Wrestling with Pride, 22 February 2018

Thursday evening's live show in South Florida was an ecstatic experience for me. In a series of matches that ran the gamut of wonderful to orgasmic, BG East showed a small but enthusiastic audience at The Manor in Wilton Manors what an evening of live wrestling can be - with a card that presented new faces and heels - Trevor Read, Elite Eliot, Tiko - alongside heroes of BGE past - Brad Rochelle, Scott Williams, Shane McCall - to raise money for the Pride Center. Of course, I was at ringside, getting far too aroused for a charity event.

The opening match featured a super-sexy heel, Read, taking on the perpetually doomed babyface - an unconscionably hot Kirk Donahue - in a contest that (for once!) saw Donahue get the upper hand, serving up a tasty dish of comeuppance for a far too cocky Trevor. It was a powerful opener for a series of events that proved that the company's roster is as dynamic live as it is on video - maybe more so. While understanding that such a show puts tremendous pressure on a staff primarily engaged in tending to an internet site and posting DVDs to eager horndogs like me, I could not help but wish that BG East would take this show on the road - bring the underground above ground for fans far and wide.

Next up, Elite Eliot, coming to BGE videos in the near (I hope) future, took on the voluptuous Zip Zarella in vampire mode. I can't say I'm a fan of the vampire gimmick in pro wrestling, but Zip was wonderfully nasty, and he and Eliot coming to blows aroused me more than I'm used to being in public. (Thankfully, even at ringside, I was in the dark.)

Watching Jonny Firestorm live is an altogether different experience than watching him on video. Always innovative and exciting, Jonny feeds on the energy of the crowd, first suffering at the hands of an overweening Ty Alexander, then dishing up some delicious comeuppance in the end. Ty barely has time to know what hit him, but he definitely had it coming.

Photo courtesy of Pete Carson

Ace Aarons delivered the best heelery of the evening, relentlessly abusing the crowd favorite Tiko and then going on to attack ref Ricky Roma. But when he assaults Kid Leopard, resplendent in a leopard-print suit and tie (Bob Mackie, eat your heart out), the BGE veterans - Rochelle, Williams, and McCall - rise to the occasion and send the sleazeball packing.

Regrettably my iPhone camera gave out and I was unable to capture the main event - truly epic in size, weight, and intensity. Brute Baynard battled Lane Hartley for the BGE heavyweight championship (the what?). Happily, Hartley has shed the beard, which, while lumberjack-manly, obscured his sly, cocksure grin - and Baynard, who held the crowd absolutely spellbound, shed Hartley of the belt.

I'll confess I had my doubts about BGE producing a live event, but this show was top notch - not just entertaining for a crowd apparently equally divided between die-hard fans (including wrestler Kenny Star - cute as fuck) and wrestling-virgins, but also supplying high-quality protein for my fantasies for years to come.

Addendum for Mr. Anonymous:

Here's Brad in green shirt in profile shortly after the assassination attempt was foiled, a visibly shaken KL in the foreground and a demolished Kiko against the ropes behind Rochelle. Sadly, this is the best shot I snapped of your hero and mine. Forgive me.


  1. I think you may have buried the lede. Brad Rochelle was there? That's a huge bombshell! Any pics? Is he doing new videos? What!?!

  2. Great photos and description. Thanks for sharing! Looks like it was a really neat event.


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