Abs(olute) Destruction

Ethan Andrews vs Chase Lundquist, Absolute Destruction (88 Wrestling)

Andrews and Lundquist erupt with new and unanticipated new attitude in 88's latest match, which confirms that the new site is set to take its place among its older competitors. Ethan (6', 170#) especially exhibits unforeseen audacity and hustle, his fight face so hot it leaves blisters. Chase (5'11", 170#), in his fifth match for 88, displays the kind of confidence and ring savvy I expect of someone with twice the experience. And if I approached this match as if I knew what to expect of it, and I sorta did, it shook my false confidence in the opening minutes - and my jaw dropped further as the 28-minute bout unfolded.

With new commitment to rough and truculent ring action, 88 is rising fast in the underground wrestling universe. Its latest match could have dispensed with the opening banter - Ethan disrespecting Chase's WASPnik beard - but the assaults and holds take center stage quickly. But maybe that's just me since I prefer action over words in wrestling. I melt for strong silent types. The absolute  in this match's title alludes to abs, of course, and Chase's are distinct and sexy, providing an inviting target. Slightly past the seven-minute mark, Andrews takes aim at them with a killing knee drop that reverses the momentum, which had previously belonged to Lundquist.

Once Ethan takes charge, I figured that was it for Chase, but the give and take resurfaces soon enough with both wrestlers fighting as if the outcome matters - and as we enter the second round, the viciousness escalates as the competitors aim less for victory than their opponent's absolute destruction.

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