The latest UCW battle is awesome. It's basically a training video on how to use ring ropes and one's own limbs to make an opponent wish he had never stepped into the squared circle. And, to sweeten the deal, it stars two of UCW's sexiest men, who also happen to be among its most natural and exciting performers.

I haven't seen a new match with Chase Michaels since October. I was beginning to fear he might have gone the way of Jack Marino and Johnny Deep - now fading memories, sadly. Chase has become one of the most desirable wrestlers anywhere - and here he proves he knows how to work a wrestling ring and how to work tanning-booth babe Austin Tyler.

Austin, of course, is a phenom. Easily the coolest guy in underground wrestling, and in this match he further proves his chops as S&M master of my dreams. Hurt has never looked so hot. And the give and take here is thoroughly entertaining, thanks to the chemistry between the two grapplers, physically dissimilar (lean vs brawny), but in their talent for punishment and selling it, they could be twins.

Believe it or not, there are UCW matches I don't care for, but for the past year or two, they have been few and far between. What deserves special attention here is Chase's and Austin's inventive use of the ring ropes - a real advance in the evolution of underground pro-style matches. I so badly wanted to include a shot of the elaborate finisher, which I can only describe as an upside-down over-the-ropes head-scissors, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for readers who haven't seen it yet. 

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