Nice to Meet You, Miles

Miles vs Austin Tyler, Match 590 (UCW)

The last time a newcomer hit UCW with this much panache and know-how was six years ago when Eli Black showed up, brandishing his eight-pack and talking tons of smack. Miles is so cocky and suave it hurts. The usually unflappable Austin introduces himself to the new guy, and when Miles declines to reciprocate, Austin scolds him for his lack of respect. 

In his corner, Miles shifts his weight back and forth from one leg to the other, itching to start the fight, "You're gonna learn what my name is today," he warns Austin. Then he immediately breaks character, smiles, and saunters over to his opponent, hand extended, saying, "I'm sorry. Just kidding. Name's Miles." Then, abruptly, he slams his foot to Austin's midsection and forearm-smashes the back of the guy's neck.

Mercurial and brutal, Miles is a certifiable superstar before the video completes its first minute. Not to be outdone, Tyler rebounds and nearly pins the hungry challenger a few seconds later, stating, with all his original coolness in place, "Nice to meet you, Miles." Already the marquee that is the frontal lobe of my brain is flashing the words This Fight Is Gonna Be Swee-e-eet!

Sweeter than sweet would be more like it. The battle left me slack-jawed after the first viewing. Miles and Austin speed through holds like they're red lights in Texas, executing variously styled arm bars and closed-fist punches. As soon as Miles targets Austin's junk for maltreatment, I know he is going to do just fine at UCW. Both wrestlers make full and adroit use of the ring corners and ropes, inflicting pain and abasement on each other's body.

But their strongest weapons are their bodies, which they deploy with brutal elegance. Miles brings up Austin's best fight to date, which is saying plenty. And Miles is more flabbergasting, sexy, and unforgettable than a newcomer has a right to be. Eluding categorization or comparison, Miles carves his unique niche into the UCW brand. The company has been evolving at a pace for the past year. Miles' debut pushes it into light speed.

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  2. Miles is indeed a new star in the ring. Solid body, skilled, and above all determination. He can take punishment and dish it out as well. Super moves off the ropes. Exciting to watch.


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