Eli Black, Baby!

Eli Black had better watch his mouth is all I'm saying. Check out the BodySlam scoop at UCW. He's now flaunting his eight-pack and wagging his pretty little ass over at UCW-Wrestling, yakking it up big as usual. Hopefully somebody at UCW--Joey or Aron or Corporal Punishment--will kick that ass but good, though I'm beginning to think the only way to shut this skinny hothead up is for me personally to track him down and sit on him. He's looming large in the underground wrestling world this year, but, as my folks used to say, he's still "not too big for a whipping."

One small correction. BodySlam gives me a welcome shout-out but mistakenly attributes one of Eli's honors as coming from me. I might like to take credit for recognizing Eli Black as "Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month," but that distinction goes to Bard at neverland, who also published an interview with Eli in late February. (After Eli, batshit crazy as usual, spoke disrespectfully to me in our January interview, he's lucky to get his comments published in these pages, much less continue to get his name and leering mug publicized on my blog. Guy needs to learn to respect his betters. All I'm saying.)


  1. I get us mixed up all the time, too, Joe.

    You and Eli have got some serious crap to settle, don't you!?

  2. Yeah I would apologize if I were you Joe :p.... Eli

  3. Me too, Bard, the only way I can make the distinction is by reminding myself that I am not the one who wants to hump news anchors.

    Eli, let me sleep on it. And I would not hold my breath if I were you. ; ]

  4. UCW is pretty damn lucky. Eli seems to be in the best shape out of all of his appearances in this new video with Xanjay. Dude is shredded and definitely the prettiest thing to ever appear on UCW. I definitely won't get tired of seeing those 8 pack abs being punished! And erm... yeah nice to see some of his "other" assets endure some punishment in the vid as well. ;)


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