Theory vs Fox

Austin Theory vs AR Fox

Three months after Theory, still wet behind the ears as a pro wrestler, beat the vastly more experienced Fox for the WWA4 championship, Fox got what he demanded - a second chance at the belt. Since then the two have wrestled with and against each other in at least ten other matches (ten is the number listed on Cagematch, as of this writing) for a variety of promoters. Now, the idea of two guys kicking the shit out of each other in rings up and down the East Coast is my idea of a life style! This, as my pal battle-porn comments below, is none of those matches, but apparently a private match with a ref but no audience other than the camera-person. So, yeah, I goofed, but the shots are still great.

Unsurprisingly, Theory is a lot more polished in his recent matches, but his good looks and flair for drama are evident even in his first year as a pro. The two pull some fancy moves on each other - and I'm every bit as impressed by them as I'm supposed to be - but I'm here for the punches and stomps, and especially that neat swooping kick Theory casually delivers in the third GIF below. Fox carries more than his half of the weight of this match on his capable shoulders, selling the hell out of everything the new kid throws at him.

Jim from Nashville told me about this match five days ago. I'll close with his recommendation: "The bodies are hot, the sweat is hot, the match is hot, and the close-ups just keep coming along with the repeated agony of both men. If you haven't seen it already, fasten your seat belt."

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    1. Thanks, battle-porn. You caught me sleeping at the wheel. I've edited the text above accordingly.

  2. ...and such beautiful Austin pecs...!! mmm


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