Nick Flex vs Ethan Axel Andrews, Catalog 7 - The Muscle Boys Get Dirty! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

If anybody epitomizes today's underground wrestling scene, it's Ethan Axel Andrews. He personifies what gay wrestling is right now - daring, adept, cutting edge - and I like it that the guy plays on my team, too, not that I don't appreciate the straight guys who tickle my kink, but Ethan is special. I feel I've watched him grow up on the mat, and he has been a strong presence from the beginning. Now he's stronger than ever, and he's everywhere that matters, so it had to be that he'd eventually show his face at MuscleBoy.

Pitting him against Nick Flex was a stroke of genius. Similar temperaments - all business with a touch of seductive reserve in their manner - the two are pointedly different in physiques (right now Ethan could use an extra 40 pounds, all of it muscle), and in this match Ethan is the outsider. Nick's on his home turf. He greets the new guy, saying, "Look what crawled from the Underground" - alluding to UCW, which Axel co-owns. Flex insults Andrews' home fight-space. Andrews turns his nose up at the orange and black MuscleBoy space. Without saying so directly, they set the contest up as a battle between UCW and MBW - two out of three falls by three-count or submission.

The fight is one for the record books. First, we're looking at some pretty awesome packages in very tight trunks - and when the sweat starts pouring, the gear does little to conceal the fighters' promontory assets. Second, both are skilled grapplers in top condition with a taste for MMA-inflected strong style. Third, the give and take is dizzying in its tornado frenzy. Not five minutes has passed, and the two are kicking and stomping all over each other. Not ten minutes has passed before closed-fist punches striking faces and chests gives way to Nick all but hobbling Ethan, Misery-style. At twenty minutes (out of a total of 28), the two are tied 1:1.

Both fighters' brutality has never before been so well pronounced. And they have never before suffered such agony. After each, in quick succession, has nearly knocked the other fighter out cold, the match concludes with what may be the most excruciating submission in MBW's one-year history.

By the way, Happy belated Birthday, MuscleBoy - in just 52 weeks and seven catalogs you may have changed erotic wrestling forever.

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  1. I downloaded this the minute it appeared. It is one for the ages. And Ethan seems determined to add lean muscle to his frame, which only makes him harder and more powerful. He has suggested that he is going to do some pro work. How cool will that be?! This posting is a spot on assessment of one of the great matches. Hopefully Ethan will get a bit more (or a lot more) sexually graphic in his future work for MBW. I can at this point only imagine what he could do to Gabriel Cross's ass. And my imagination is pretty graphic.

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    1. Austin and Bruno are friends of BodySlam's they will stand on his side always. Of this I am sure

  3. Brutal battle of gladiators to the finish. Truly the clash of Titans. As exhausting to watch as it must have been for these two warriors. Truly a five star performance.


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