Boyce LeGrande vs Royce Isaacs, 16 February 2018, Petaluma, California (Phoenix Pro Wrestling)

For reasons of my own - private but not terribly hard to figure out - I fixated on this match for a couple of days. Regular readers of Beefcakes of Wrestling will recognize Royce, whose pro career seems to have started in the spring of 2016. Here he takes on "Bad Boy" Boyce, who's in his 20th year as a ring wrestler, and appears with his manager Lucien D. Light in tow. Lucien is far too involved in his client's match and interferes at crucial junctures (as you can see in the top GIF). With his experience and massive physique, LeGrande would be giving Isaacs a hard time even if Light had not stuck his nose into the fight. The second half of the match is one criminal assault after another, yet Royce shows admirable pluck through it all and suffers feelingly, striking back whenever possible. Whether pluck is enough to win this one for the bottle-blond babyface is something you'll have to find out for yourself. But first enjoy the following, thanks to the new slow-mo feature on my GIF app.

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  1. Let me guess Joe, you like beach blonde muscle boys getting their hard bods worked over in all ways imagineable (among other things)?

  2. I too fixated on this match for days. It’s glorious. I loved the standing neck crank that applied to Royce ending with a face smash to a knee. Royce never has looked as beautiful as in this match.
    Would love to see your gif choices of the match of his against pat Fitzpatrick. If only the fish hook was on camera.


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