Fire in the Belly

Ivan Lopez vs Jesse Zane, Catalog 2 - Muscle Boys Get Rough (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

Thanks to Rocco at MuscleBoy Wrestling for recommending and sending this early match to me. He has figured out what I like - solidly built wrestlers with baby faces who know how to fight sexy - a group that constitutes an important chunk of the company's roster: guys like Justin Powers, Ryan Sparks, Alex Costa, Austin Tyler, Aspen, Nick Flex, Dante, Tommy Doyle, Chris Cannon, and this one hit wonder (so far), Ivan Lopez. The catalog description got me with the word THICK  in all caps. Lopez is one of those guys with belly you want to punch, stomp, and ride. I do, anyway.

It's Jesse's match, totally - with hope spots for Ivan scattered along the way. Generously Jesse concentrates a lot of his effort on spotlighting the parts of his opponent's body that need the exposure - not just Lopez's tempting midsection but also his ass and, of course, that cherubic Our Gang face. Thankfully, Ivan reciprocates with a bear hug as the match's midpoint approaches. Not having experienced one, I assume the bear hug gives optimum tummy-to-tummy shudders. I figure that's why, in the final six minutes, Jesse gives Ivan a taste of the hold's receiving end. Ivan contributes even more significantly to the video with resonant grunts, gasps, groans, and grumbles - that extra something that doubles or triples the value of any kind of fight.

If you haven't noticed, I respect but do not crave six- or eight-packs, not in wrestling, most of all. My wrestling kink matured on a steady diet of bulbous, sweaty guts that seemed designed as targets of abuse - a beautiful fantasy world of belly to belly suplexes, belly punches, and belly to back piledrivers - not least of all, belly to face lateral presses. 

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