Who Is That Masked Man?

Payback vs The Assassin, Masked Mayhem 13 (BG East)

Skip this paragraph if you don't want the clues to the identity of one of these masked wrestlers. Be warned that if you look at the stills gallery for this match on The Arena @BGEAST, you will encounter an outright spoiler. This paragraph is going to be coy about the anonymous wrestler's identity, but there's enough here to figure out the guy's alter-ego. One of these wrestlers is familiar to BGE fans, but he hasn't appeared in any recent catalogs, none since the catalogs consisted of three digits, so you might not immediately recognize him even if he were, say, unfortunate enough to lose his mask in this contest. Here's a bigger clue: you've seen him in the Demolition series, the Florida Fights series, and the Jobberpaloozer series. He was a hottie back then. He's revved up the heat considerably since.

One of these guys loses his mask in the end. I won't say who, but I will say it happens fast, and it's pretty damn tasty. Payback, in the black and blue singlet and purple mask, is the more experienced wrestler, and he lives up to his nom masqué. The Assassin, in black, is cockier and surer of himself (at first), and over the course of the match, he notches up quite a long list of offenses deserving of payback. An unmasking is the main reason for a masked match, in my opinion. It's the sort of bout I once had no interest in, but having now witnessed a few humiliating unmaskings, I'm getting a taste for them. 

Both guys are tall and solidly built, and both are out of their singlets by the match's midpoint. After that, the match turns bumpier, humpier, and sexier. The struggle to be the one to reveal the other's true identity is vigorous and engrossing. The action is give and take, showcasing some of the classic holds  - with lots of nelsons, leg locks, splits, and poses. Good stuff, efficiently performed, with nice surprises along the way, not least of all the final discovery.

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