Tough Goodbye

UnderGround Wrestler announced over the weekend that Wednesday May 1st will be the last day to get videos of Marco wrestling - but they are now available at discount prices (sale code - BYEMARCO). As a fan for four and a half years, I tried to talk Marco out of his decision to focus on his off-camera duties instead of wrestling, but his mind is made up. In reply, he explained, "I think I'll be able to really improve content by focusing on just producing." I, for one, will miss the guy.

Marco has a roughhouse style all his own. His laid-back attitude stands in contrast to his joy in making an opponent know he's been in a fight. His self-assurance as a grappler requires no support in showboating or smack talk, which he seldom engages in. His soulful "Keane eyes" all but hide his edginess as a scrapper. Always gentlemanly and humble in our infrequent exchanges for this blog, in his videos he exudes an air of menace that I find exhilarating. 

For me he cemented his bad-ass reputation in a 2015 interview, when he told me that once he had asked Thunder's Arena to let him beat someone up on camera, for real  - in this case, his intended victim was Arena short-timer Skyler, who had bragged about using a deliberate, full-force cheap shot against Frey, an Arena icon. I'm happy (I guess) that cooler heads prevailed in this instance, but that nonexistent shoot match has played and replayed in my fantasies many times since the interview.

As I said, I hope Marco gets the itch to fight in front of the camera again. There is no shortage of wrestlers who need to be cut down to size by this man. For now, though, we can have his work at UnderGround Wrestler for 30 percent off. The GIFs below preview his most popular videos. PS, for your information (too much information, I know), I sported a chubby through the whole GIF-making process.

Muscle Masterpiece - Marco vs Kasee

Super Surprise - Marco vs Eagle

Sleeper Rematch - Marco vs Chase

Super Sleepers - Marco vs Chase

Eighty Eight Beatdown - Marco vs Cena

Undercover Agent - Marco vs Scrappy

Fight Over a Girl - Marco vs Chase

Alpha Armageddon - Marco vs Scrappy

Coming For The King - Marco vs Kronos

Rough and Ready - Marco vs Zman

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  1. I was also shocked and saddened to get the email about Marco's retirement, and also replied with a desperate, "NOOOOOO!!!" You have described the various aspects of Marco very well -- and why we appreciate him so much.
    Wishing him the best in his future work on his website and company -- he produces some of the more original matches, and has a good eye for hot talent.

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  3. I have deleted an anonymous comment that claims that Marco is homophobic. I would like to believe the accusation is false, but I'm old and smart enough to know that there are homophobes in gay underground wrestling . If the accusation is true, I am deeply disappointed in Marco. Then, too, I realize homophobia - like racism, sexism, ageism, and elitism, etc. - are deeply ingrained in the culture and times I live in. I don't excuse it, but I recognize the perniciousness of bigotry - to the extent that even gay men internalize homophobia just as other discriminated-against groups sometimes internalize the hatred waged against them. I also recognize that people say hurtful things they don't seriously mean - if that's the case, I would hope they would own up to it and apologize or explain and defend their remarks. If it's necessary to make charges of homophobia, etc., then I ask that readers make them upfront and support them with clear evidence. I realize pseudonyms are part of the history of wrestling - both pro and underground - and I'm fine with them, even though pseudonyms and anonymity are not my style. I will, however, no longer publish anonymous comments . I love the heck out of men who wrestle - and I would like them to love me back, or at least to respect me, but I'm an adult and realize my dreams are not reality.

    1. It’s def hard to deal with things like this and no one wants to believe it. The post seemed to leave it up to the reader to decide. However, it’s your prerogative on what gets published. I definitely respect that.

      I’m a huge fan and have bought his stuff. Using Davy Michaels, though, seems to be another example of Marco demonstrating homophobia. There are plenty of supporting examples of what Davy said and Marco still had him wrestle. I stopped buying from him because of that. I believe in forgiveness and redemption, however. And I don’t know all of the facts. But add this to the blog and it’s just seems like there’s more to it. Thanks for your explanation, though, and your passion!


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