Rock Hard

It's official.  Rock Hard Wrestling is online and ready to roll.

Rock Hard features familiar faces with new names Zack Johnathan (aka Zack Vasquez) and Ray Martinez (aka Rio Garza) in pay-per-view matches and, coming soon, compilation DVDs.

In its own words, Rock Hard "features electrifying action like you've never seen before!"  The new fed features homo-friendly erotic match-ups between young wrestlers, who sport "A&F model looks," "hard bodies," and "skilled athletic abilities," and offer "incredibly intense non-stop sizzling excitement."

Definitely worth a look-see.


  1. All my resentment at the delayed gratification has evaporated. All is forgiven, and I'm ready to do my consumer research!

  2. Upon seeing your post, I immediately clicked over to RHW and downloaded the Zach vs Shawn match, I had previously ordered the Brody vs Zach DVD so I will have to wait until they mail it to me.

    The positives:
    · The download is affordably priced and is instant with download link provided upon completion of the purchase
    · I downloaded the Quicktime format and the video quality is similar to a DVD, they also allow 13 days to access the downloads if you want to use a different format.
    · Though most of your readers have probably already figured this out, the guys are hot, both fighters are in tight fitting gear and Shawn’s trunks allow for peeks at his crack which is always good.

    The negatives:
    · They have this rock and roll soundtrack playing throughout, which makes for a great bumper but should be faded out as soon as the action starts, it distracts from the live sounds of the fighters.
    · They have limited wrestling talent, unsure if it is the ring, appears to be a boxing ring with no bounce, and the inherent fear of landing on a hard surface will always impede the action or if the fighters simply lack the training to put on a convincing match. This is my first time seeing Zach fight and I have read before, (I’m pretty sure these are your paraphrased words) that he can not sustain the sell, what I observed is that he appeared to be smirking and almost laughing during the fight, not exactly convincing the viewer that he was engaged in a fight.

    The matches were slightly better than NRW but not as good as UCW, though the video quality was much better than UCW. If your turned on simply by watching good looking men then this is a great product, but for me the wrestling skill was lacking. The true testament to the quality of the product is demonstrated by the fact that I only made it to the 5:34 mark in the fight before I grew bored and clicked over to Naked Combat where Shane Erickson lead me to successfully launch my load all over the place.

    In the past the combination of a match in the ring, (except for bratpack, I have always been more turned on by the ring fight format) along with attractive men in provocative gear was a sure thing for me. I’m now wondering if I need to see the fulfillment of the fantasy demonstrated by the ultimate dominance of one man over another, the rough fuck. There was a time when I could get off to fantasies in my head, (Junior High) then came magazines (High School) which was replaced by video (my 20’s). To this day I can not get off to a magazine or my imagination alone unless I have gone w/o sex for a prolonged period of time, I either have to be physically with another man or have a video image in front of me to get off. I’m wondering if my discovery of the Naked Combat format has now satisfied an untapped reservoir of lust in my head, that know realized, has ruined me for all other previously satisfactory forms of masturbation pleasure? Then again, I did recently view NewPro’s Around the World 2 with Firestorm vs Jones and managed to pop off 3 times, (separate occasions, generally after a single shot, I retire for the day and focus on what is it I am supposed to be doing), so perhaps the tried and true formula, seldom realized unfortunately, of decent looking guys with fighting talent will continue to satisfy my wrestling urge.

  3. @Bard--I'd be interested in your consumer report as I haven't ventured further than the YouTube clip at present. Better than 90% of the time I feel safe following your kinks--you're sort of like my "Mikey" in the old Life cereal commercials (a hopelessly dated allusion, I grant you, but you youngsters out there can probably find it on YouTube or someplace).

    @Topher--Good balanced review. As a rule, like you, while valuing both (A LOT) I prefer wrestling ability over prettiness--I'm more likely to shoot the lights out watching a rough and ready face-off between skilled opponents than in watching male models pose in wrestlerish attitudes.

    Honestly, for me, good wrestling alone can do it for me, even without a climactic "money shot"--though a humiliating domination of man over his near equal is icing I like (A LOT, a REAL LOT) ... some guys need to get what's coming to em, what they're practically begging for.

    I have yet to enter the realm of Naked Combat, but it's def on my to-do list. I just need to save my dimes.

  4. Mikey is ambivalent, though I don't have buyer's remorse. I just posted my full review at neverland, but the short of it is that Cameron Davis offers some confident amateur wrestling; Ray and Zack are pretty boys without much else to offer, and Brody actually sells a nice pro-style with attitude that almost makes up for Zack's lack of salesmanship. Brody almost takes this up to some hot domination/humiliation (not quite enough for me, though). Cameron totally could have seriously humiliated Ray, but he's satisfied with just dominating him (which has some pay off for me).

    I didn't bother with Zack's second match after I read Topher's fine review above.


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