Aden Chambers

Aden Chambers, 26, 6'0", 190#, is another local (Raleigh, NC) pro wrestler who's caught my eye.  He wrestles for the East Coast Wrestling Association and manages a Gold's Gym in the area.  His character "OC Boy" hails from California, but I'm not sure how much of that bio is authentic, and how much is kayfabe.  With Ryan Rush and Julian Starr, Chambers defeated the three Logan Brothers for the ECWA tag-team title back in January, and the six are set to fight again this Saturday up in Delaware. 


  1. Thanks for recognizing Aden. He caught my eye a couple of years ago and seemed to be one of those hidden jewels, toiling off the highway map but not so far away that we couldn't find him without some persistence. And well worth finding too.


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