What You Get Is No Tomorrow

Who's famous these days?  Since I pretty much live in my head now, I can't gauge the popularity of anybody ... out in the world.

Is Ted DiBiase Jr as big as John Cena?  Did Cena ever get as big as The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin--back in their day?

(Is Kate Gosselin still a name to reckon with?  Who is--or was--she?  Apart from links I never clicked on and unavoidable headlines in the checkout line at Kroger, I would never have encountered her name.  Even now I can't tell you how it's pronounced.  Has Miley jumped the shark yet?  I few months ago I heard a Dido song in a movie and thought to myself, "Wow, how cutting edge!"--until I realized the movie was over a decade old.)

I would imagine that it's fairly easy to pull back the layers of my cluelessness and estimate my age according to the number of them, like rings in a redwood stump.  ("Here I was born and there I died.  It was only a moment for you.  You took no notice"--How many of you punks even know who said that?)

It wasn't too long ago, it seems to me now, that I could still amaze my Brit Lit students by knowing not only John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, and Nell Gwyn, but also Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, even back when the latter two were still alive (over thirteen years ago, guys)--and, for what it's worth, Kim Novak's still kicking.  These days I can't even allude to Robert Pattinson without first looking his name up on IMDb--is it "Robert" or "Roger"? one t or two? an i or an e?

I am getting to my point.  I am.

Greg Glover.  Where is he in the hierarchy of wrestling fame?  Have any of you guys ever heard of him?  I like him.  In my world he's bigger than Carlito or Matt Hardy.  But then my world is encompassed in my cranial cavity--and, by extension, this blog.

This is my third posting on this guy.  He's six feet tall, weighs 200 pounds, has dark close-cropped hair and laughing eyes, and knows how to take a punch to the mouth.  Almost perfect, in my world.  Last Halloween's shot of him dressed up in the Hooters uniform would have me through Hooters' doors ordering bioengineered chicken quesadillas in a heartbeat if I thought there was a chance he'd wait on my table in this getup.

Back in February he and Young Gunn (Omega Fire) seized the Platinum Wrestling Worldwide Tag Team championship belts.  I guess it's pretty much a given that anybody who wrestles professionally holds a title at one point or another--but I could be wrong about that.  Can you name anybody who's wrestled for more than, let's say, five years and never once held a title in any league or federation whatsoever?  The catch there might be remembering the guy's name.

I can't remember even if I ever had a real point to make here.  I found these shots of Glover, who I think is wasabi hot, and I wanted to share them with you.  If he's not famous enough for you to have heard of, he should be.  He should be famous just on looks alone--which, let's face it, a lot of famous pro wrestlers are.  On top of that, though, he's tough as nails and cool as Hasselhoff.

So the grand scheme of things apparently doesn't matter too much in these pages.   Fame and popularity are such fleeting things, anyway.  So if we're running with fleeting, it might as well be about what turns me on.  What I like is important enough for me to ramble on and on about.

And if somebody were to come busting down my door, demanding a crack at middle-aged me in a high-stakes match, I would much rather it be Glover here charging in than that Pattinson dude--I don't care how many others out there are creming their shorts for Eddie's pale and slender vampire ass.  Gimme this guy with his boxer's puss and a bod that thumps.


  1. C'mon, Joe, that line was written for Kim Novak and you mention her in the very next paragraph. Vertigo was too easy. Once a Madeleine, always a Kim Novak.

    Along your same theme of fame: Once in middle school, my son's class had to list the top 50 events of the 20th Century. Another kid was asked to read his list aloud. Tupac Shakur came in at 29th place; Biggie Smalls at 31st. What a screwed up world we live in is that the Holocaust was sandwiched in between at 30th. My kid said he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


  2. got things a bit inaccurate mate


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