Just Wait Till I Get My Hands on You ...!

In the real world the forces of darkness are glum, a little dense, and over-impressed with themselves. Five-time CRW junior heavyweight champion Leon Saver is here to rub these guys out, and the fans love him. I love him. Here he cuts Bret Hart wannabe Pitbull Brando down to size. Both these guys are tough fighters. Pitbull's hungry and ready to mix it up with the champ. Leon, elegant in his regulation copstash and curly hair, wriggles all over the guy. It's a little like watching an electric eel zapping a hammerhead shark, one inch at a time, until the big brute's exhausted and the dashing champ with his heart in the right place can fold him up into a small, tight package and then march him out of town. As always, Leon balances agility and toughness, much like Stupefied, aka Player Dos of the Super Smash Bros, whom he vaguely resembles, in my opinion. (Saver versus fellow Quebecois Stupefied is one fight I would love to see.) Huge thanks to Gary, another Saver fan, for telling me about this match.


  1. It's great to find a commentary of this particular wrestling match. It's a match I've enjoyed watching on YouTube a number of times, and is all part of the reason why I am now a huge Leon Saver fan. As you say above, I love him. His cocky attitude, showmanship and hard-edged wrestling style are a total delight for this wrestling fan. And, befitting his ring name, his always-sexy, nicely-filled wrestling trunks aren't bad either.


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