Twist and Shout

Steven Walters fans should check out this video on YouTube, an excerpt from a Premiere Wrestling Xperience match from last October, pitting Steven against Billy Brash. A rising star at Resistance Pro and Anarchy Wrestling, Walters was back in his home state for the Charlotte show. The full eight-event show is available on DVD-R under the title Evil Twist of Fate, and after watching this one fight, I wasted no time in buying the disk online from This is "The Fever" in top form. Resistance saw our boy as heel material, and indeed he shines in the role, but I like him best as he's seen here: a tough and uncompromising babyface who's ready to play rough if need be to get the job done. As first recipient of's SHOGUN scholarship, Steven has been studying in Japan with Zero-1 for the past two months. Former WWE superstar The Edge personally recommended Walters for the honor.  On April 15, Steven will be challenging Takuya Sugawara for the junior heavyweight title.


  1. Awesome! I love Steven Walters. He's so hot, but also talented. I follow him on Twitter. After his stint in England last summer and now this, it's great to read about him achieving his dream.


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