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I want to take a big bite out of Derek Fox. In Can-Am's Pro Sex Fight 11, shot and available online in 2011 but released just last month on DVD, Fox challenges popular strongman Tyler St James to a loser-gets-fucked pro-style wrestling match. Looking like a cross between Davey Richards and Austin Aries, only with hairy pecs and thighs, Fox is in fine form here as seducer and heel, tormenting (and mercilessly baiting) the noble St James, as if deliberately provoking Tyler to kick his cock-teasing ass.

The opening banter sets everything up, as each wrestler takes turns boasting of his physical superiority and turning all watery over the other guy's muscle. Derek stands on the middle rope and flexes, his back to Tyler, who coos, "Nice legs, man." Tyler strokes the thick slabs of muscle. "If you like it already," Derek quips, not even turning his head towards Tyler, "why don't you give up?" Tyler's comeback is golden: "I like it. I ain't scared of it, though." The two trade places to give Derek a few minutes to soak in Tyler's perfection. Derek tricks Tyler into turning his back on him to flex some more. "I should call this a day," Derek states matter-of-factly, "take you home," but then, slugging him brutally between the shoulders, "I want to play with you a bit."

I must admit it took me a few minutes to catch on to the rhythm of PSF11. Had it been described to me, I might not have ordered the video. That would have been a bad mistake, as it turns out. The fight starts more slowly than I'm used to in pro wrestling, even in the most amateurish parody of pro. In time, though, I came to like the fitful creep of the action, which gradually intensifies and accelerates. Derek moves (with considerable smoothness) between attack and body worship. His takedowns and punches are dramatic and compelling. He oversells his scissors, I think, thus somewhat undercutting their inherent eroticism. But he follows each assault with voracious lip-locks and obsessed groping of Tyler's smooth, pumped muscle. At one point he binds Tyler in the ropes for some typical cheap punishment, but then can't resist briefly entangling himself against his victim in order to feel each cold twitch upon his own skin.

Then Derek whips Tyler into the corner ropes. He crawls behind the turnbuckle and reaches around to finger the man's chest and abs, his palm descending down, under Tyler's waistband, to toy with his cock. At last getting Tyler on his back on the mat, Derek takes time to bend over him and kiss the  stomach, working his mouth up to the pecs, sucking one nipple to raise it to a point, before giving it a vicious twist. Later he stretches Tyler spreadeagle on the corner ropes. He slams his fist to the man's gut. Then he presses in to kiss the stunned man's slack lips.

All this is foreplay and prelude to Tyler's ultimate domination of the doting heel. A hard boot to the chin turns the tables. Now stripped of his trunks, the naked hero takes his vengeance on Derek. The sweaty pounding weakens the heel, whose own cock obtrudes, for the longest time, gracelessly semi-stiff out the right leg-hole of his trunks, before Tyler gets around to yanking the trunks off. The victor forces the loser to suck his cock before he thrusts it into the man's ass. But never has a heel succumbed in such ecstasy. All this is shot, close ups and money shots included, as gay XXX porn.

Tyler St James is magnificent throughout, statuesque as a blond 1960s Hercules. He exacts a stunning vengeance and never once looks less than spectacular. But it's Derek Fox who works me up more for some reason, a lustful heel who knows he deserves a beatdown and does everything in his power to push St James into giving it to him.


  1. Was this made available online on 2011? I cannot find it on can-am.tv and I have been check the website almost weekly for new releases since its beginning. I think is only available now on DVD.

    1. I was making an assumption based on the copyright date. You may be right, though, about the fight's only recently becoming available. I should have checked my assumption first.

    2. Sorry if my comment came off a little rude. I'm just confused because for the last years they have been releasing matches on can-am.tv and some months later on the DVD store. I was wondering how may I have missed that one because I am a bit of a fan of the series. Maybe it is a new strategy from Can-am. At least they now have me considering if I should make this my first ever DVD order from them... and that is in part for your review. Thanks Joe!

    3. You weren't rude at all, Jose. I think you'll enjoy your first Can-Am DVD!


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