Check this story out. I got my picture taken with this turd a week before he won the ROH championship. Now he goes and makes me feel kind of sick about it. He tweets, ". . . try and tell my kids that there's nothing wrong with that [Delaware allowing gay marriage] and I'll fucking shoot you." Hate like this is not good for Ring of Honor, not good for pro wrestling. 

Back in the 1970s, when I was deep in the closet and my mother was working the phones in Dade County, Florida, supporting Anita Bryant's campaign against protecting gay teachers' right to work, she asked me if I was gay. I said no, lying of course, all the more so because, as fate would have it, right then was the first time in my life I was absolutely positively certain I was gay. Her response? "Good. Because if I ever found out you were gay, I'd put a bullet through your head." 

I used to think neanderthal thinking like that was generational--my parents' generation. I had taken hope from the fact that ROH wrestlers like Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis had spoken out against hate. I had taken hope from the fact that even virulently anti-gay hate groups like Focus on the Family at least tried to dress up their bigotry in civil if seldom truthful language. But here's Jay Briscoe, young enough to be my son, spewing the same kind of ignorant, self-righteous bile I remember from my youth. Of course, I knew that homophobia not only still exists but still thrives. I had just hoped that it wasn't as baldly and openly murderous as it was forty years ago. 

Thank you, Jay Briscoe, for the buzz-kill, you fucking moron.


  1. That's so sad and frustrating and angering and sickening.

  2. Here is Ring of Honor's official comment on Jay Briscoe's remarks on Twitter:

    "Ring of Honor Wrestling respects and appreciates every fan regardless of age, gender, race, religion or sexual preference. The recent post by Jay Briscoe does not represent the views or opinions of Ring of Honor Wrestling, its owners, management or employees."

  3. I HATE the phrase sexual "preference". The right wing has embraced it because if it's a preference, we can just prefer NOT to be gay. You show me one teenaged kid who upon discovering his sexual orientation said 'preferred' to be gay...

  4. I like finding out what these guys really think, even when it's repellant like this. My family and friends are cool. I work in a place where I can be open and honest about who I am. I'm surrounded by positivity, so it's easy for me to forget that people like this exist. Unfortunately this is more common than we like to think. This is why we can't let things slide, in my opinion.

    I agree with the comment on the term 'sexual preference'. Hate it.


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