Get Him Off!

Exactly what I was looking for tonight: a long-haired heel taking on a baldy crowd favorite. It has the stuff that rings my bells: 
  • two foes with mile-long history, 
  • hair-pulling, 
  • strenuous two-counts, 
  • good guy rolling the bad guy back into the ring, 
  • corner kickings and clobberings, 
  • edge-of-your-seat give-and-take, 
  • an arrogant crowd-baiting heel, 
  • armbars, 
  • bodyslams, and 
  • a sudden victory, both contestants having exhausted each other, a win by illegal use of ropes and a nearsighted ref, who has to practically scrape the "winner" off the floor to raise his arm in victory. 
All this spells fun at my house!

This match from Saturday at Maximum Force Wrestling in Dunkirk, New York, features a very sympathetic "Sensational" Seth Allen, 6', 185#, grabbing a strong start against slimeball beach boy in pink, Ethan Wright, 6'2", 205#. Ethan evens the odds through sheer ferocity and (I might add) a nice stack of muscle. Both wrestlers hail from Ohio, where evidently they have dusted each other off many times before. Wright's swagger and predatory aggressiveness almost made me wet myself once or twice. I love coming across a new talent like this (and, yeah, I know what I just said).


  1. Whoa - thanks for sharing stills from this match. I haven't seen Sensational Seth in a while and it's great seeing him again. -David


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