Heel Prince

Prince Fergal Devitt, IWGP junior heavyweight champ at New Japan Pro since last November (his third time wearing the belt), made a decisive turn to the dark side last month (7 April 2013) when, after losing to KUSHIDA and Alex Shelley, the Prince insulted his Apollo 55 partner Ryusuke Taguchi (who had just been pinned by KUSHIDA) and then knocked him out. Even his opponents were outraged by this treachery, but icy-veined Fergal stared them down and flipped off the shocked fans (over 8000 in attendance). He went on to attack and unmask Captain New Japan, one of several wrestlers who rushed out to aid Taguchi, contemptuously stuffing the mask on the ass side of his sexy trunks before proclaiming Apollo 55 officially dissolved. He exited, in splendid heel triumph, on the shoulders of his new partner, Bad Luck Fale, wearing the Captain's mask backwards on his head.

In the previous month, Fergal's ring persona had become increasingly surly and verbally hostile towards other wrestlers. He called the venerated Jushin Liger an "old fart" and threatened to "pull your horns off and jam them up your crusty ass." He had threatened to invade Captain New Japan's house and pee on his couch. He called US wrestler Sonjay Dutt "a fucking dickhead" and said WWE's Tyson Kidd "couldn't sell potatoes to a hungry Irishman!" Shit talk like this only fueled speculation that Devitt was about to turn heel.

You can watch the brilliantly played post-match transformation here on YouTube, with Japanese commentary.


  1. Yum, I just started looking for more Devitt. Enjoyed the extra padding he added to his sexy ass too. Wish I was Japanese and followed everything leading up to this point. I can only imagine the shock of the fans. I must say he was pretty adorable riding the shoulders of his bodyguard on the way out, I couldn't help but smile a little. Like a true stuck up prince I guess haha


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