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Muscle Master Kevin checked in at Ringside at Skull Island this afternoon to talk up Season 3 at Muscle Domination Wrestling. Kevin owns MDW and bosses everybody around, aided and abetted by a crew of brutal alpha-males who step on anybody and everybody in their way. The redesigned site has "gone from sleek and clean to a gritty, extremely image-oriented layout that we know wrestling enthusiasts appreciate," Kevin told me. The revamped VIP section now features "extended trailers" of season episodes (10 to 15 per season), giving "serious fans" a taste of what they get for their membership dues. The latest season dishes up everything from bloodsuckers to Devil Dogs, from heat-blasting one-on-ones to the company's first ever two-against-two tag-team fight. Kevin and crew have calibrated each new episode according to what site statistics indicate fans want the most, and they promise to keep "VIP brimming with an amount of content that gives incredible bang for your buck." And if you want some me-time to "worship," "honor," and "obey" the Muscle Master himself, check out his personal website.


  1. I'm glad Bryce is breaking out - he's been underrated for a while. The Justin looks very familiar - has he wrestled elsewhere?

    Some of the language in MDW's videos rubs me the wrong way though... I'll have to be judicious in any purchases I make from them.

    1. We use language because of the niches we appeal to. We do everything from extremely homoerotic scenes to sub dom themes which many people enjoy. It would be a shame if you or anyone else missed out on our great content because of the content that caters to a different niche.


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