Daddies I'd Like to Wrestle

It's Daddy Day at the old Skull Island compound. I like to imagine that, after a long day of training my crack team of smooth and lean fight-bois, I wrestle their daddies after lights-out. After the twinks are asleep, I can stop picturing myself as a slender 160-pound hipster-heel who targets go-go boys and fraternity brothers. Instead, I expand and solidify and go for bigger game. We pull out the steel cage and prepare ourselves to make it roar. These guys could make it happen, too. Happy Father's Day, bros. Pick a daddy or two, tuck an illegal weapon into your trunks, and let the rumble begin.

STR8cam Jeff
Samuel Colt (?)
Angelo Peterson
Tommy Tucker
Dean Coulter
No name on this one. Help me out, if you can.
Pavel Petel
Vincent Greco
Jessy Ares
Michael David Barre


  1. that ain't Samuel Cunt this guy is MUCH hotter

  2. Let me know when you hold this party! Great group of giant guys.

    I'm in an alliterative mood! :)


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