At last night's match on Impact, Magnus, 6'3", 240#, faced off against Bobby Roode, 6', 240#. Commentators used the word "explosive," and I'll admit to doing some exploding while watching this video this morning. The wrestling world needs more wrestlers like Roode and Magnus: ruddy, brawny, tightly wound. Even the ref looks fight-ready. 

Since cutting his dark hair close to the skull, Roode epitomizes my idea of how a heel should look: thin severe lips, a head cut out of cinderblock, tiny lobeless ears, a jawline where it's always five o'clock, a flat no-nonsense stomach. 

The match is fairly "textbook," but textbook is good when it means "classic" instead of "rote." My complaint is that it might have been longer and sweatier ... and might have wedged me somehow between these man-size grapplers.


  1. Loved your double entendre on "Explosive" lol. These two studs are one of the reasons TNA does it more for me these days. I am SO glad Magnus is back to his trunks now though. Those gladiator legs were not meant to be hidden in black tights.


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