1. Oh good! I've always loved Maryse. (And I like Miz better now.)

  2. A picture says a thousand words… more in this case!

  3. I was ALMOST ready to comment and ask who this was! But big thanks to Stay Puft (whose comment I saw before the tags, sorry Joe!) I still don't really know Maryse as the Divas division in WWE is sadly not fleshed out enough (imho) ALTHOUGH from the last few Monday Night Raws have shown some AMAZING development in the area (i.e. Stephanie McMahon's declarations and insertion into the fiercely entertaining AJ-Katelynn feud.) Thanks to this, though, I will keep my eyes peeled for her. I've always liked the Miz, he's always entertaining when he's a heel (I LOVED his feud with Cena and The Rock for the WWE title), but he's definitely rising in my ranks now!


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