A few days ago Muscle Domination Wrestling released its fourth season, nine episodes of butch brutality starring Bryce Barrigan, Morgan "The Mastodon" Cruise, Dwayne Dwight, Irish Bastard, Muscle Master Kevin, Brutus King, Tony Law, Tidus, and Damien Rush (even the names have hairy chests). 

I haven't seen any of the episodes, but based on the catalog summaries, we're in for a variety of black-bible-leather punishments meted out to those guilty of inappropriate physical contact (what my old Christian high school called it), hubris (what the ancient Greeks called it), concupiscent sensuality (what Thomas Aquinas called it), a narcissistic death drive (what Sigmund Freud called it), conspicuous consumption (what Thorstein Veblen called it), indecent exposure (what North Carolina law calls its) and human frailty in general. 

The principal executioners are Cruise, Kevin, and Rush, who mop up the mats with the quailing transgressors with the brio of Jason Vorhees breaking up midnight orgies at Camp Crystal Lake.


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