The Modern Skull Fuck

I was intrigued by this wrestling-inclusive definition of skull fuck online--on Urban Dictionary.
Unlike the older, more common instances of thrusting a penis either into a mouth, or an eye socket, the modern skull fuck can be performed by either sex, on any victim, usually male. The skull fucker will mount the skull fuckee (the victim) with pants still on, and fuck the shit out of their skull. Face, back of the head, it does not matter. This can be done in numerous ways, such as while someone is passed out, while wrestling, or while an individual is sitting. Often the skull fucker receives a round of applause, while the skull fuckee is laughed at.
I'm as tickled by the mention of wrestling as by the entry's combination of BBC-style syntax and back-of-the-schoolbus diction.

Skull fucker Julius skull fucks skull fuckee Rolando in Fantasymen 29 
Alexi Adamov skull fucks Brad Rochelle in The Contract 6
Mike Columbo skull fucks Christopher Bruce in Hunkbash 4
Marky Mark skull fucks Troy Gulezian in Fantasymen 9 (this match is not currently listed on the BGE online catalog)
Mike Martin (skull fucking master, as far as I'm concerned) skull fucks Max Tanzi in Motel Madness UK 1
Mikey Vee skull fucks Troy Baker in Tag Team Torture 2
Mike Columbo skull fucks Tommy Tara in Fantasymen 23
"Tarzan" Tyler Reese skull fucks Ricky Martinez in Ringwars 10


  1. Wonderfull A new pin or hold as been invented:


    1. I'm embarrassed how long it took me to get the pun. Sometimes I am so dense ...


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