Who's the Champ?

Here's a title match from last October for NWA Warzone in Melbourne, Australia. Champ KrackerJak, 5'8", 209#, takes on the challenge of muscular stud Mike Petersen, 5'11", 220#. The twist is that the husky champion with the shaggy hair and big mouth is the good guy. The tight-lipped, cleancut (and rather awesome) bodybuilder is bad. Roles are reversed for the "bastard" and the "kid." Both guys have their fans this night, but, physical attributes aside, the behaviors mark the scruffy blowhard as the hero, the smooth hottie as the villain. 

For one thing, apple-cheeked Mike has a sharp-dressed manager named Lord Mark Williamson, who sticks his nose where it doesn't belong--and, in a sweet moment at ringside, KrackerJak cracks the two baddies' heads together. Knocking people's heads together, I mean literally, is a surefire pleaser for me. Why? I don't know, and perhaps I'll need to explore the point further in some future posting. But it packs more erotic punch for me than even ball-grabbing. (Maybe it's because I'm a pretty cerebral guy.) 

This match also comes equipped with a corner mount, some two-counts, a craven flight from the ring, rope-choking, biting, a crucially timed distraction of the ref, and other stuff that pushes my chimes. KrackerJak sustains a running harangue against his jacked opponent from beginning to end, while Mike lets his heel manager do the talking (and interfering) for him.


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