Born to Wrestle (July) Part 1

Too many of my wrestling heroes, old and new, were born in the month of July for Blogger to contain them all in one posting--it holds a maximum of 200 characters for labels. I thought of being merciless and cut out half my list, but I just couldn't do it. So I cut it into two halves, for two separate postings. There must be something about the month that inspires the births of rasslers--the beginning of the "dog days" of summer and the anniversary month of revolution and independence (not just in the USA, but also in Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, France, the Philippines, and other nations), when, in the stars,  crabby, moody Cancer gives way to arrogant, bossy Leo. In two posts I could not cover such notable wrestling icons as Captain Lou Albano (July 29), Triple H (July 27), and Jinder Mahal (July 19), who, for whatever reasons were not instrumental in the development of my wrestling kinks (or else haven't yet fully entered my radar). 

Tom Magee (1 July 1958)

Terry Frazier (1 July 1986)

Bret Hart (2 July 1957) with brother Owen Hart

Barry Windham (4 July 1960)

Adam Cole (5 July 1989)

Joe Pittman (8 July 1986)

Mark Angel (9 July 1988) aka Mr Touchdown

Tyson Kidd (11 July 1980)

Ashton Vuitton (11 July 1991)

Shane Helms (12 July 1974), aka The Hurricane

El Generico (12 July 1984), aka Sami Zayn

 ACH (12 July 1987)

Mil Mascaras (15 July 1942)

Jesse Ventura (15 July 1951)

Heath Slater (15 July 1983)


  1. I may not be a huge fan of Jinder Mahal on his OWN, but I will forever love him for repeatedly putting Ted DiBiase Jr. in a camel clutch (and not releasing it after the victory).

    1. You raise an excellent point, Stay Puft. In my case, I think there are a good many wrestlers who "on their own" interest me less than they do because of what they're able to make happen in a ring or on a mat. I'm as big a fan of male models and go-go boys as the next guy, but a man doesn't necessarily have to be a knockout to excite me with his grappling skills.


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