At the beginning of summer it's easy to see prominent BG East stars forming the constellation of the Crab (or Cancer). In the past the Boston crab hold was considered a match finisher in pro wrestling. Now it's mainly a means of shaming one's opponent or simply showing off one's dominance. Japanese pro wrestling sees the hold as a means by which older wrestlers subdue younger wrestlers, and escaping the hold is how young wrestlers prove themselves fully developed and at last worthy of fans' and other wrestlers' respect.

Braden Charron on Chace LaChance in Summer Sizzlers 4 Plus

Cage Thunder on Lobolito in Masked Mayhem 3

Darius on Trent Blayze in Muscle Madness 1

Dylon Roberts on Joah Bindao in Wrestleshack 17

Jake Jenkins on Nicholas Rush in Tag Team Torture 15

Jonny Firestorm on Jake Jenkins in Jobberpaloozer 12

Morgan Cruise on Christian Taylor, while Skip Vance helplessly looks on, in Tag Team Torture 16


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