Not keen on the word "family" attached to pro wrestling, I dislike its connotations of "watered down" and "churchy." And the word "entertainment" after "wrestling" is too much like "product" after "cheese" in the supermarket. But New York-based Family Wrestling Entertainment (FWE) flies in the face of expectations. This exciting 12-minute match, from last month's Welcome to the Rumble 2, features two breathtaking wrestlers in peak form, Petey Williams, 31, 5'7", 179#, and Brian Kendrick, 34, 5'8", 185#.

Founded two years ago, FWE looks like a promotion to watch since its roster also lists John Morrison (crowned FWE champion later in the same show), Anthony Nese, Shawn Daivari, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Jigsaw, and the Young Bucks. Petey and Brian are well-matched as buzzcut heel and longhaired babyface. Comparable in wrestling skills and styles, they keep the bout's outcome up in the air till the final seconds, with plenty of hair-pulling and balls-stomping in between, dysfunctional fun for the whole family.


  1. Their roster is like a dream roster, like what WWE or TNA would be if I had more control.

  2. Kudos to Petey Williams and Spanky for showing there can be violence with “family.”

    I definitely turn and run away whenever the term “family” raises its ugly head. It’s a term co-opted by the ring-wing to homogenize everything “they” deem unfit.

    The same term is easily thrown around by those who wish to profit on “families”… to me the word just seems like an excuse for those who reproduce to let their offspring run without discipline or boundaries with actual Parenting have taken a back seat in the last twenty years or so.

  3. as someone who started to watch TV wrestling when I was under 5, this may sound peculiar, but I really don't find most pro wrestling appropriate to sub-teens. I wince when I see so many very young kids at ringside yelling and screaming ugly words at wrestlers, aside from their piercing voices driving through my brain like a needle. Even for my generation of young'uns I'd find the word "family" accompanying wrestling inappropriate.


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