It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

This April 27th match from Neo Wrestling Federation in Niagara Falls is why I'm turning into a fan of Canadian wrestler Shawn Spears, 6'3", 252#. According to his Wikipedia entry, Spears grew up admiring Rick Rude, Rick Martel, and Curt Hennig. I can't argue with the man's tastes, and at 32 he has shaped into quite a morsel himself. Over the last couple of years Bruno at Beefcakes of Wrestling has chronicled Spears' developing physique in a series of stunning photos, as recently as last week. Shawn epitomizes the qualities I most like in a wrestler, a ring tactician, strong but not severely ripped, confident, durable, and aggressive.

After WWE released him from his contract in 2009 (a big mistake), he has worked independently, including gigs with TNA and Ring of Honor.  Here he is challenging NWF champion Tyson Dux, 5'10", 200#. Spears is outnumbered by Dux's backup team, Jay Moore at ringside and a surprise interference by a masked man, who may or may not be Pepper Parks. Obviously Spears is a giant battling far less noble, less manly oppressors. When Dux splashes his chest with bottled water, a tactic that's more Flashdance than UFC, Spears turns mad bull, at one point fireman-carrying two men at once on his wrought-iron shoulders.


  1. Wow … I don’t live anywhere near Canada but I have been a fan of Shawn Spears for years. He used to maintain an excellent website on himself that went away the closer he got to “wwe fame.”
    What a hot guy!

  2. Well, I do live in Canada and "Shawn" is actually a trainer at my gym. He's incredible to look at in real-life, especially when he works out in his tight tank tops. Hard to concentrate on your workout when he's strutting around!


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