Now would be a good time to join up with The Arena @ BG East, if you're not already a member. In celebration of its tenth anniversary, The Arena is posting a free on-demand video every day for the next seven days from today till Wednesday, July 17th. The Arena, with its wide array of action clips, trailers, still shots, and videos on demand, is the best $13.95 I spend each month.
From our over 650 available VODs, we have chosen a variety of favorites featuring some classic matches and great action. Check out our Arena Homepage each day this week for the day's free offering!

Today's offering is a doozy. From Demolition 3, Dom the Dominator, 5'11", 210#, gives Brad Rochelle, 6', 190#, a sound beating in the ring. In this match Brad looks like the scholastic high achiever my parents wanted me to hang out with at college and Dom, like the guys I wanted to hang with: devastatingly handsome, meaty, mad at the world, and ready to lend a helping hand to anybody in need of having his neck wrung, back broken, stomach punched, hair yanked, or ass handed to him.


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