Rockett's Glare

In this January 19 match in Kenosha, Wisconsin, there's no mistaking the intentions of SSW (formerly Stars and Stripes Wrestling) champion Marshe Rockett, 6'4", 215#, for beefy challenger Vic Capri, 5'8", 209#, nicknamed "The Icepick." His eyes lock on Capri's with cool confidence and determination to repel this encroacher on his turf. He acknowledges the heel's evident power and knows it will be no picnic standing up to him. Capri proves to be a tricky and formidable challenger, prone to retreating from the ring (Rockett grabs him and tosses him back in) and attacking extra viciously when he's got the upper hand (Rockett makes him pay). All in all, this is one of the pro wrestling scenarios I like best: two big great-looking fighters, heel dominance for over half the match, rules and ref proving helpless in ensuring a fair fight, leaving it up to the hero to fight fire with fire and triumph in a last-ditch effort.


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